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Amazing !

The best flat iron I’ve ever owned!
I loved it so much, I purchased a couple more for my salon!
All my stylists and customers really seem to love them
We already cracked one of them at the salon and even though I didn’t think the warranty was real, it is!
They made it real easy for me to claim the warranty and within 2 days I received a new one.
I recommend it to all my clientele and will definitely be ordering more!


This comb is by far so different and amazing. It warms up quickly and gives my hair such a natural looking blow out type look, I’m obsessed.... in love !


It curls beautifully and even comes with a handy rubber tip to put on the end when it's too hot to put away. all in all I love it and I have long virgin thick hair and it straightens and curls it beautifully!

Great for textured or curly hair

I'm always worried about damaging my hair when I wear it straight and this straightener is protected with a beautiful fabric that doesn't put straight heat on my hair. It's very gentle. It heats up so fast and so easy to use. My hair looks shiny and healthy, but still volumized and flowy.

I just love it!

I just love it! it straightens my hair perfectly! especially that I have hair that curls like a sheep! I can make beautiful curls. I'm really happy with my purchase!

I go to bed with wet hair every night so when I wake up my hair goes in about 20 different directions. This brush helps set my hair straight and is super easy to use. Highly recommend if you want more time in the mornings or tend to rush.

GREAT hair straightening brush!!!

I can’t say enough great things about this hair straightening brush!!! It is very easy to use and it works wonderfully!! I have very thick wavy hair and it takes no time to have straight stylish soft hair!!! I have accumulated a lot of hair straighteners but by far this is my favorite. Try won’t be sorry!

Wow! What a game changer!

If you’re looking for a way to straighten your hair with ease and in a flash, this is the hairstyling tool for you! As someone who doesn’t have a lot of free time, every second counts. This makes straightening your hair as easy as running a brush through your hair because that is literally what you’re doing! Plus, it heats up to the target temperature in record time, so there’s not a moment wasted. I highly recommend this - It’s definitely going into regular rotation for my hair styling routine.

Biggest Time Saver Ever

I was completely hesitant to try this but when I went into the store several sales associates said they just bought it and were obsessed. That’s a pretty good recommendation as they have assess to basically every tool imaginable. I skeptically tried it and now I’m obsessed too! It literally cut the time it takes to straighten my hair in half and it doesn’t leave it flat. It straightens it but also maintains the volume. Literally life changing.


I have 2c hair that is resistant to staying straight. I long ago ditched my flat iron because of the damage it caused and how flat it made my hair when straightened. And then this brush came along. Works wonders on my curly, frizzy mess when air dried and gives me that blowout, polished look. Its also amazing to refresh in the morning before work, taking care of the the frizz and those stubborn curls that pop up overnight. Its now a staple in my carryon...i don't travel for work without it!


Straighteners are part of my hair routine, and this beauty save my days. Super cute and unique print, easy to use and manage heat, has a circle where you put your thumb for better control and the finished style is shiny and I like to to wavy ends Really useful, completely in love with it

Finally an all in one tool

Perfectly sized, heats up really fast, leaves my hair not only straight but with so much shine

The BEST Straightener!

This straightener is seriously so amazing - everything from the cute design to the way it leaves my hair looking healthy and shiny every time. I'm never reaching for another straightener but this one ever again! It does it all and more.

Your hair will thank you!

This hair straightener is as amazing as it is pretty! Ever since the flat iron fad of the early 2000's, in which we destroyed our hair with overly frequent straightening treatments, I've been wary of using them, but this one gives amazing results without any of the damage! The ceramic plates smooth hair and the infared heat seals in moisture rather than steam it out since it doesn't have to be as hot. My hair is pretty thick and quite long, so the process takes a while, but it's completely worth it because afterwards my hair is smooth, shiny and soft! I know $120 for a styling tool is on the high side, but if you regularly heat style your hair, I think it's worth it in the long run since you're keeping your hair healthy. In my experience, Gallas Hair tools work really well and last a long time, so I know I won't have to worry about this straightener for a good while! 10/10 recommend!

Always shiny

My pretty and fabulous flat iron goes everywhere with me. This doesn't fry or frizz my hair; it always turns out shiny, Smooth, and Fabulous! My previous flat iron pulled my hair (I don't know why) but this one doesn't so it's a plus for me.


Not only does this styler come with the most gorgeous Gallas print, but it is actually amazing due to its usage convenience as well as due to the fact that the plates are healthier for your hair. If you are someone who uses heat styling tools regularly, this is a great investment that will contribute to the overall health of your hair in the long run. Galla's technology never disappoints. The buttons to change temperature are inside as opposed to being outside, which I found so convenient. Using other straighteners, I would always find myself pressing the buttons outside and changing the temperature of the heated styling tool, which was inconvenient because I like my styling tools to have a certain set temperature (300 degrees) as opposed to being on max high temperature. I really enjoyed using this styler. It made my hair look so gorgeous. It was so easy to use. It took me about 13 minutes overall to straighten my hair with this tool.

Hands down the best straightener I’ve ever used.

Hands down the best straightener I’ve ever used.

This thing is awesome

This thing is awesome and saves me a ton of time.

Love itttt

They were fantastic! Bought my hair curler. Love it.

Product Quality & Customer Service

The sales rep was amazing! We are very happy with our purchase!

Customer Service, Quality, Wait Time

The experience was WONDERFULL!!! I finally found something to tame my natural kinky curls

Excelente producto

Excelente producto

My wife loves it

My wife loved the product and the demonstration was fantastic.

Great product, easy to use.

I wasn't looking to buy anything but your sales rep showed me the value of your products, plus he was kind, funny and free with the complements.

I Love It !

I gotta say, I was skeptic at first. Now I can't imagine my self without this iron.
I take it everywhere with me, business trips, vacations, even to work sometimes.
My favorite part about this iron is that it curls my hair easily for a long period of time after
I tried so many products that simply didn't work on my hair.